Love Letters to Lycra 1


This morning I stepped out of bed in the dark, padded towards the bathroom and trod in something squishy. It was soft and it squelched. As I stepped away it wrapped itself around my ankles and toes, and held on. How it made its way to me I don’t know because its type is usually confined to …

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The Thinking Tree – A Poem

The Thinking Tree

I stand On the rocky slope Watch, As men cross the torrent In search of answers. I call to them, They forge on Heads down, Their ears are closed My voice, nature unheard. Still, I call The ages pass My own voice fades Roots wrest loose, I crash To the Water I yield to the flow Life …

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Love letters to Lycra 6 – Pain in the rain

photo credit  @chainreactionau

The rain has just stopped bucketing down in ten gallon drums. Sydney weather and her friends along the Eastern Australian Seaboard have been well and truly drunk on their own power, spraying their favours around like the fickle tarts they are. People have lost their lives, my thoughts are with their families. The elemental looseness has meant MAMILS, VOMITS …

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The boys

Rolls out of bed, fuggy with sleep. Are the kids up yet, thirsty, into the bathroom, lighter. She slips to the kitchen, fills the kettle, flicks the switch, didn’t clean the sink last night, the crown of the morning sun over the back fence, condensation on the window. Feet are cold. Pipes bang, footfalls on …

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Love Letters to Lycra 5 – to Men

We are none of us an island (photo

My phone pings, interrupting my thoughts. “I was behind “xxxx” on the last descent. He took it too wide, hit the grass, over the handlebars at 40kmh.” Heart jumps, heart stops. “Up and back on the bike within 30 seconds. Full forward roll.” Heart beats again. I won’t name the acrobat but I’m not at …

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Golden Threads

Sara Bahayi  (credit Andrew Quilty/For The Washington Post)

There is no possibility of peace today, I find myself unable to settle. My unruly mind is leaping about from hilltop to hilltop, peering down, around and all about the landscape below. Exercise is a good idea; yes, I shall walk the hills and listen to the World News through my headphones, it will give …

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Love Letters to Lycra 4 – Hairy Tales

photo credit .au

Next week I fly to one of my favourite spots on the planet, to greet my beloved and three of The Handbags. They’re off to Queenstown over the Southern Alps of New Zealand for the annual 1000km charity ride. Having supported a few causes over the years, they’ve chosen Chain Reaction this time around. He says he’s ready, fit from morning …

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